Make-Up Artist

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Biography and Philosophy
    • “My brushes are my magic wand: with few gestures, I can paint everything that my fantasy and my being creative let me imagine.”
  • Project, result and assurance
    • This is what Vanessa loves about her work: devoting herself personally to each of her projects, giving life to a mixture of colours and shades, lights and shadows. Every detail is refined in order to obtain a unique and extraordinary make-up, for representing personality, style and lightness. This is her idea of beauty: to make unique and brilliant every person, having a particular attention in reaching that perfect balance between the intrinsic beauty and the potential of make-up. In order to assure a perfect result, she utilizes exclusively innovative and avant-garde techniques, learnt by the best Italian make-up artists, and she uses products of the most renowned brands like Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Make Up Forever, Urban Decay, Mac.
  • Italy and foreign countries, TV and services
    • Born in Verona, in Italy, she has cultivated this strong passion for the world of beauty since she was young, obtaining the professional qualification as aesthetician and other certificates for techniques of nail reconstruction. Then she decided to move to Milan, where she qualified as Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist at the prestigious Diego Dalla Palma’s Academia BSI (the most famous Italian make-up expert). She participated at TV programs on Rete 4 such as “Come si cambia Academy” and “Come si cambia Celebrity”, where she had the possibility to make-up many celebrities. From that moment, she started her professional career, offering services such as wedding make-up, theatrical make-up, photo shooting, advertising and other numerous events.. In order to widen her professional experience, she decided to make a name for herself in the Middle East too and nowadays she works as freelance between Italy and Dubai..
    • “Satisfaction and astonishment are what I want to see in my clients’ eyes”
  • Woman means personality
    • My idea of beauty is absolutely atypical, I love approaching my work with innovative, dynamic and extroverted spirit, so that I can move away from standardizing the client on pre-arranged, canonical concepts. Every woman is unique and different, and I want to exalt the characteristics that each of us possess and that let us be so particular and different among us, sometimes modernizing the style with last tendencies, sometimes approaching icons of rétro style.
  • An exclusive image
    • Your look will be studied exclusively and purposely for You, in order to assure you a properly-made make-up, that will astonish You and the people that surround You. Together, we will give place to an initial anamnesis to evaluate state and type of Your skin, important thing for curing properly your face before the make-up, with specific mini-treatments coupled with useful suggestions You can try at home. I will continue with a careful study of the morphologic characteristics of Your face, in order to be able to perform a possible corrective make-up or camouflage, in presence of imperfections. According to the event, we will build up together a winning look, by combining the make-up with clothing and accessories.