Make-Up Artist

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A pleasant surprise that will help people to whom it will be gifted into this huge world, which they will be astonished by.

It’s the perfect gift idea for friends, colleagues, girls and women: it will help them in learning the wonderful make-up art.

I will stand by them to give precious and useful suggestions, in order to realize the perfect look.

I will help them in understanding how to express their beauty fully, avoiding lines and colours that don’t fit in with Your face features.

You will be given a wonderful envelope with a coupon inside, on which I will write the name of the person to whom You want to gift this surprise.

Once You’ve given the gift, the make-up lesson will be decided directly with the person You chose, in order to let her enjoy in full relax these hours which are dedicated entirely to her.




Make happy and special a person You love: for a woman, there is nothing more enchanting than feeling loved and cuddled by the people surrounding her.

Thanks to this coupon, she could enjoy an entire beauty session, of which she could take advantage in any special event, such as a dinner, a birthday party, an anniversary or even other: so, she will feel simply unique and ready for the event.

This precious gifts accounts for something that is different from standard make-up sessions: Your special person will enjoy a sensational skin treatment, with which I will remove all the imperfections, nourish deeply the skin of face, neck and décolleté; so, after being relaxed and smoothed by the treatments, it will be ready to receive the make-up.

After this relaxing step, the make-up phase starts.

Make-up itself will be realized only after a conversation with my client, in order to understand exactly her exigencies, her tastes, the dressing and the event that she had to present at.

In order to obtain a perfect result, I use only personalized corrective techniques and products of the biggest brands all over the world.