Make-Up Artist

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As Your personal make-up expert,
I will be delighted of carrying out my
“Make-up at home”
service at my clients’ residences or hotels,
assuring total convenience and time saving,
without renouncing to privacy and
to the own-home comfort.

Day Make-up:


A perfect image for every situation: the Day Make-up tends to give a natural and light expression, versatile for every moment of the day, for a standard work day, for a meeting or a lunch.

This make-up tends to simplicity and freshness, both of which help us in feeling secure in every situation.

As in magic, even in make-up “the trick is well-made when it isn’t seen”: the make-up is that strategic element that gives value to the natural beauty and lights up the face, without weighing down the features.

I will bring all the necessary corrections on the face in order to soothe its own features, making the “make-up-non-make-up” delicate and almost imperceptible, avoiding excessively gaudy tonalities and preferring neutral shades, more appropriate for Your skin; with this expedient, I will obtain both a simple and astonishing make-up

Evening Make-up:


A special evening for a dinner or at the theatre, a recurrence, an evening at the disco, a party, a romantic situation to surprise Your partner, etc.

These are all occasions in which a woman wants to be perfect.

A wonderful Evening Make-up is realized with particular techniques and products that, by adapting to artificial lights or to darker places, give value to eyes and lips, in order to make them appear magnetic and attractive.

In all these situations, we could dare to design a make-up full of bright and pearly colours, paillettes, more intense shades, more graphical and marked lines, lipsticks with bright and intense tonalities.

According to Your clothes and to the occasion which You will take part in, I will help You in choosing the look that is perfect for You and that gives emphasis to Your best characteristics; moreover, I will realise a non-ordinary make-up that will assure You both a particular and refined result, in order to help You in being elegant, chic and sensual.

I will assure You a real red-carpet-look, in order to make You feel more beautiful than ever.

Day/evening make-up session Packets:


This is for exacting clients who want to have a personal make-up artist standing always by them.

We can define a regular program of make-up sessions or beauty treatments: every week, every week-end or according to the events in which You have to be perfect.

The advantage of having a beauty consultant always with You is that we can establish a trust relation, in order to assure You always maximum results, my whole being keen on You, excellent and exclusive long-term services.

Doing so, I will understand fully Your preferences and desires, suggesting You many proposals and different versions about looks every time it will be necessary.

For further details and personal requests, call me without any obligation: we could discuss and design together Your most fitting program.